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MARC is a non-profit organization of volunteer citizens concerned about the welfare of animals, created to assist people and animals live more humanely in Marion County, Tennessee, and to help ease the social burden of too many stray dogs and cats.
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MARC Receives Best Friends Animal Society Grant to Offer Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program

Jasper, Marion County, TN — MARC - Marion Animal Resource Connection is pleased to have received a grant from Best Friends Animal Society to help conduct our Community Pets Spay Neuter Campaign to Spay or Neuter dogs and cats belonging to low income people in Marion County, helping to reduce the (Read more...)

How to Get a Dog or Cat Spayed or Neutered

Call the MARC Message Line 423-240-9074Leave a message that you want to get a dog(s) or cat(s) spayed or neutered, or altered.A MARC volunteer will call you back, not right away but soon.Our MARC Volunteer will get all your information in order for us to add you/the animals to the list.MARC (Read more...)