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Reclaim a Pet

MARC will hold a stray animal for 7 DAYS, while an assigned volunteer looks for missing ads at the vet, on community billboards, and online. 

If an owner reclaims a pet BEFORE the 7th day, they will be asked to reimburse MARC for any vet-care provided and micro-chipping.    
If an owner reclaims a pet AFTER the 7th day, we charge $10/day (starting the 8th day) for their care plus any vet-care, micro-chipping. We will then return the animal to you, if it hasn't been adopted.

Pets are held at the MARC office and at foster homes until adopted. 

Please fill out this reclaim form and upload proof of ownership to claim a dog in our program. The director will email you. 
Select a file please
Upload a photo of your pet and at least one of the following: vet record, sales bill, local registration.