Fostering Questionnaire

Are you at least 18 years old?

Which one applies?

Do you have a fully fenced yard?

Do children live in the home?

Do children visit your home often?

What type of animal would you like to foster?

I'm interested in fostering all of the above. (Mark all that apply.)

Do you have experience caring for the types of fosters you marked here?

Do you have experience bottle feeding puppies or kittens?

Do you have experience taming feral (unsocialized) kittens?

Are you currently fostering any animals?

How often would you like to foster?

Are current pets spayed/neutered?

Where do current pets stay when home alone during the day?

Where will your foster animal stay when home alone during the day?

How many hours will the foster pet be home alone on a typical day?

Where do current pets sleep at night?

Where will the foster animal sleep at night?

What percent of time will the foster animal spend indoors?

Do you have a pet door?

Are you able to keep the foster animal separate from your own animals when necessary?

Do you have a confinement area to isolate a foster animal for health reasons?

Are you willing to participate in adoption events and possibly transportation?

Will you bring the foster animal to a vet of MARC's choosing for check-ups and vaccinations?

Should you choose to take foster animal(s) to an emergency clinic without MARC's approval, do you understand you are responsible for all charges?

Has an animal died on your premises in the last 6 months?