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A complete answer to the following questions will enable us to be more familiar with your request and requirements, and will help us find the rescue dog to match your needs and expectations.

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Pet Care

What type of dog food do you use?

What type of heartworm prevention do you use?

Where will your dog sleep?

Where will your dog live?

Is someone home during the day?

Will someone take time off work when the dog arrives?

On average, how many hours a day will the dog be alone (without human supervision or contact)?

How do you plan to exercise your dog (check all that apply)?

What arrangements do you have for your dog when you travel?

Do you have any financial limitations on the care of your dog?

Land and Fencing

Is your area completely fenced?

Without a fence, how do you plan to contain your dog?

Are all gates and latches in good working order and able to be latched closed?

Please describe your fence (check all that apply).

What is the LOWEST height of your fence?

Check the best description of your yard size. If you have property that is both fenced and unfenced, please choose the option that describes the ara of your fenced property only.

Obedience Training

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Veterinarian Information

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